Bodywork Services & Rates

Bodywork & Acupuncture Services

Bodywork sessions begin with a comprehensive history and discussion – listening and sensing needs. By starting with hands-on touch therapy, Helene is able to acquire more in-depth information about how to deliver the ideal treatment for the individual. Using intuition that comes from experience combined with Kikko Matsumoto and other techniques, Helene is then able to place the acupuncture points optimally. She may also choose to use other accompaniments during the sessions, including Cupping, Guasha, and Moxa.

Helene’s work is grounded in all different levels – as a whole being of mind, body and soul, life energies, stress points, nutrition, and so on. She aims to see each individual in their entirety. For example, it’s no secret that stress affects not only the mind and emotions, but can have major impact on the physical body and organs as well. Chinese medicine works to take all factors into account to treat the entire being.

What to Expect in a Bodywork Session


Bodywork Acupuncture & Massage

Bodywork – A custom blend of acupuncture and touch therapy

We’ll start your Bodywork session with Asian bodywork. The treatment is a special blend of Shiatsu (Japanese) and Tuina (Chinese) massage. Helene will blend various motions such as effleurage, tapping, rolling, stretching, and pressure point focus to create the perfect beneficial experience. Plus, she can incorporate any add-on choices like Cupping or Guasha to achieve the best results customized for your needs. After the touch therapy, Helene will place your acupuncture needles and leave you in peace to experience the benefits of this self-healing modality.


Acupuncture Only – Acupuncture without massage

Acupuncture Only – Acupuncture without touch therapy(can include moxa and pressure points seeds in addition to needles or in place of needles)

Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine in which thin, thread-like needles are inserted into specific points on your body depending on your needs. The needles work to improve the flow of Qi along the body’s meridians and work to balance your energies. After discussing your needs and getting an understanding of your areas of focus, Helene will place the needles and let you relax while they work their magic. She may also recommend Moxa, which is a heat therapy to help move very stagnant blockages, or in place of the needles if you are averse to them. Seed beads may also be applied at the end of your session to help keep the Qi flowing.



Cupping, Guasha, Moxa. Cost included as part of the Bodywork and Acupuncture services as needed.

Cupping Tucson


Cupping therapy is when a suction is created on the skin with the application of glass or plastic cups. This stimulates the flow of energy upwards towards the skin allowing for a release of muscle tension and improvement of blood flow and cell repair.

Guasha Tucson


Guasha (or Gua Sha) uses a smooth-edged tool to stroke the skin while pressing on it. This sweeping motion raises small, rash-like dots that show under your skin called petechiae. This process helps blood flow to release toxins and tension, improve elasticity, and promote healing.

Moxa Tucson


Moxa is a plant that has been used for thousands of years to promote healing, warmth, and as a longevity practice. Applying the burning herb to acupuncture points (near the skin, not touching) is a form of heat therapy called moxibustion. Moxa sticks stimulate movement of Qi by warming the meridians, which improves movement in the blood and lymphatic system and works to boost the immune system.

Low-cost Acupuncture Clinic in Tucson

Acupuncture Clinic

Every other Monday, Helene and her colleague, Jennifer Sandoval, host a clinic where the acupuncture-only sessions are half price! We offer this discounted treatment clinic as a way to make the healing benefits of acupuncture more accessible. This is great for people with chronic or acute issues that need to come every week. And this is not a group setting – you get a private treatment room in our comfortable Swan office where you can relax in peace!

Our Acupuncture Clinic runs 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM every other Monday. Call for dates and to book your appointment. These sessions are by appointment only, and you’ll be seen by Helene or Jennifer at our discretion. The cost is just $40 for a 60-minute acupuncture session – HALF PRICE!!

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